Today we learn how to create professional blog website on blogger. I will teach you step by step. Hello Guys, Hope you are well. In 2023, Google AdSense changed many policies, due to which many people's websites are not approved. So, here you will learn how you can create a good website keeping in mind the Google AdSense policy. Before creating a website, I recommended you should always write original unique content. And secondly, you should always write content that will benefit people.

Create Professional Blog Website according to AdSense

Create Professional Blog Websites by keeping in Mind AdSense Policies-Krone Blog Tech(KBT)

So discuss in this post how you can build a great website and get it ranked.


Blogger is one such platform. Where we can create a blog website for absolutely free. And earn money online. And we can publish any of our articles here for free. Blogger provides us with a very good and free article platform. Through Blogger we can create a website and monetize this website with Google AdSense. Blogger is a good product from Google. Blogger’s official website address is ( If you want to write your article on blogger for free then you must read this post from beginning to end. And if you want to become an expert blogger then you should follow my website. (Let's Start)


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You have to open your browser and then search for it (Blogger). Now you have to find the official site of the blogger. Sometimes you get the official site of the blogger at the top. And sometimes this website goes down. That is because Google promotes the ads of many companies. Due to this, this site's sometimes at the top and sometimes at the bottom goes away.

When you click on the official website of the blogger, you will see something like this interface. Now from here, we will create a new website on blogger and how we can write articles on this website. There is a written in the post.

If you look at the URL box below, you will see the blogger's official address ( And if you look at your left side, you will see the blogger icon and name. And click create account/create blog button.


What you will need for a blogger website?

First, you will need a Gmail Account

All security of your Gmail account should be in your own hands. The password of the Gmail account should be strong. For example (krone123blog-+:tech). Your Gmail account should be verified on your mobile number. Separate and generate a new Gmail account.

What should your content be?

You can create content according to your passion. That means if you have good knowledge about the vehicle. So you can write your blog on it. You can choose your content according to your hobby.

After that, when you click on the sign-in button, chrome/browser will detect your Gmail account. Then log in to your Gmail account, on which you want to register/create your blog website. Chrome/browser would ask for your account verification simply verify by typing in your password and clicking on the Next button.

A new window will open up. At the top, you would be shown.

Chose your name for your blog

Create Professional Blog Websites by keeping in Mind AdSense Policies-Krone Blog Tech(KBT)

Fill in your website's name. Make sure the name is unique so you get to trending fast. It is recommended that you chose your website name according to your search. E.g.:- our website is about tech followed by the name "krone blog tech". You can choose whichever name you want. You can use letters, numbers, space and special characters in the website name. like this: (Krone Blog Tech 123, Krone Blog Tech #10, Krone blog Tech @). Whatever you want.

After writing the title, click on the Next button. On clicking, you will get a new page. 

Create a URL for your blog

Create Professional Blog Websites by keeping in Mind AdSense Policies-Krone Blog Tech(KBT)

You have to create your website URL here. There are a few things you have to keep in mind while creating a URL of your website. 

These are the things you can’t use building a URL.

Upper Case Words (ABCD)

Special Characters (@#%)


These are the things you can use building a URL

Lower Case Words (abcd)

Dash (-)

Numbers (1234)

URL Example (kroneblogtech1234) this URL is 100% okay.

If you want to use spaces in the URL. You must use a dash in the URL.

URL Example (krone-blog-tech-123)

While creating the URL, keep n mind that what you gave the title should be in the URL.

 After that, you click on the next button.

Confirm Your Display Name

Create Professional Blog Websites by keeping in Mind AdSense Policies-Krone Blog Tech(KBT)

After clicking the Next button, you will see an interface like this.  Confirm your display name.  So you simply have to create your display name here.  For example, my display name is (Krone Blog Tech). You can also use capital letters in your display name. And you can also use space in this display name. After writing the display name you click on the finish button.

Create Professional Blog Websites by keeping in Mind AdSense Policies-Krone Blog Tech(KBT)

When you click on the finish button, the blogger dashboard will appear in front of you. Now you can see that the display name of your website will be visible on the top. And your website name will be visible below the blogger logo.

We will explain the use of all these tabs to you on New Post.

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