Blogger SEO Settings, Blogger Description, Blogger Meta Tags, and Time Formatting. This is a very important factor of a blogger website. If you do not do the SEO setting of your blog website properly, then your website will never be ranked in Google. So you must have understood how important the SEO setting of the blog website is.

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Blogger Basic SEO Settings for Beginners -Blogger SEO Settings By (KBT)
Blogger SEO Settings

Blogger SEO Settings

In the previous post, we learned how to create a blogger website for free. In this post, we will learn how to set up your website's SEO settings, keep it up to date and maintain your top rank.

In this post, I will teach you about some important SEO settings.  In the blog's SEO setting, you will learn about Titles, Descriptions, Meta tags, and time zone. Etc.  One of the most important things about any website is its SEO setting.  If the basic setting is wrong, the website will never be ranked up.

First of all, you have to open your google and search you will have a link to the official website of the blogger.  When you click on this link, Google will redirect you to your blogger's website. (Admin Panel)

After that, you will see that on your left side you will see your website name under the blogger logo. And below the website name, you will see some buttons.  You have to click on the settings button on these buttons. Then a new page will open in front of you in which you will see all the settings of your website.  Now we start the SEO settings of the blogger website.


You will see the Title at the top. In the title, you can write your website. One thing you must have noticed is that the title is showing the same name that you wrote while creating the website. You can also change your website's name from here. But I recommend you not change your website's name.

As when I created the website, I wrote krone blog tech in the title.  If I change my title to something like krone blog tech 2023, then the effect will be that the URL of my website will be written as kroneblogtech, but in the title, krone blog tech 2023 will be written.  In this way, there will be a difference in both the URL and title of the website.  Which will not look good at all.

Blogger Description Settings:

It is an important part of any website.  Due to this your blogger website gets ranked faster.  In your description, you have to tell people what your website is related to.  Whatever content you have chosen.  All you have to say is what your content is about and what information you want to convey to people in it.  The description appears below your website address.

For example, if you search Facts About World A2Z on Google, you will see the description of this website.  In the description, you should write your website's name repeatedly.  For example, my website name is Krone Blog Tech so you have to write your website name repeatedly in it. You can write a maximum of 500 words in the description.

Blogger allows 500 words to write a website description. You should try to write a description of the entire 500.  To help in ranking.  And if you cannot write 500 words, try to write a description of 300 words.

Blogger language Settings:

In Blogger Language you have to select your language. From here you can choose the language of your website.  Choose your language.  Mostly English language is chosen, so I will choose English.  You can choose the language of your choice.  There is no problem with that.

The English language is on by default. Since you have to write your post in English, the language of the blogger should also be English.  You have to set the language of your blogger according to your post.

Adult Settings:

Leave the Adult setting button disabled.  Because no blogger enables this button on their website.  Because this is not a good thing. It contains bad/adult content that might distract one.  That's why I suggest you not click the adult setting button.

Blogger Privacy Settings:

The privacy setting is very important for your website. If you consider the line below the privacy settings, visible to search engines will be written here.  This means that you allow your website to appear in any search engine (Google, Yahoo, Firefox, etc.).

If you disable the privacy setting button, then no one can see the website except you.  Which will be your loss. So you have to take care that the privacy setting button is always enabled.  So that people can come to your website from search engines.

Blogger HTTPS Settings:

Google redirects your blogger's website.  If someone searches your website by typing HTTP, Google redirects from HTTP to HTTPS.  You have to enable all the buttons in the HTTPS settings.

Blogger Post's Settings:

You can select the number of posts you want.  This number of posts will show on your blogger home page.  Any number of posts you select will appear on your home page.  For example, if you have selected 10, then 10 posts will be shown on the home page of your blogger. But by default, only 7 posts are shown on the home page.  I will recommend you only 5 so that your website doesn't get overloaded, and so users find it lite and fast.

Blogger Time Zone Settings:

Time zone is also a very important setting.  As they say "time is everything". You have to set the time according to your country. Like the time zone of Pakistan (GMT +5:00) Pakistan's standard time  Karachi.  Similarly, whichever country you belong to, you have to set your time zone accordingly and enable the button on whichever button has the time zone of your country.  And save the setting.

Blogger Meta Tags Settings:

This is also a very important SEO setting of a website. Meta tags are short descriptions that summarize your main description.  If your website is related to gaming, then its meta tags description can be made in such a way that here you will get all the information about the games of play stations, android, PC, and Mac.

All you have to do is go back to the top.  And from there you have to copy half of your description. And on the option of Meta tags, you will see that (enable search description) have to enable this option. When you have enabled the search description, you click on the search description and paste the half copy of your description here. And after pasting, save the setting.  You can write a maximum of around 150 words in it.

Blogger User Profile Settings:

In it, you will see many settings. You can change the username of your website in it. You can write the username of your website as the name of your website. It ranks quickly in the search engine.  You can also generate a backlink to your website. You can also create a backlink to your website by putting your website link in the URL button. In this, you can give any information you want to give to people.  If you don't want to give information, don't give it.  This will not harm your website.

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