In today's lesson, we will learn how to buy a custom domain for blogger website. You can buy your own custom domain. I will teach you how to buy a custom domain in a simple way. Custom domain makes your website attractive and ranks in Google very quickly.

How to Buy Custom Domain for Blogger Website in Pakistan-GoDaddy Domain-Krone Blog Tech
Buy Domain in Pakistan

Friends, as you know we have started a blogging series. In previous articles, we learned how to create a professional blog website and the SEO settings of a blog website. And today we will learn how to buy a domain for a website. Friends, if you are facing any problem in any part of blogging, then please comment below so that we can tell you the solution to your problem. And don't forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel.

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Let's Start How to Buy Custom Domain for your Website

Buy Custom Domain for Blogger Website

Blogger Default Domain:

Friends, before buying a custom domain, you need to understand the difference between a custom domain and a default domain. So first understand this thing.

Friends, whenever you create your website on blogger, blogger gives you a default domain. Which is something like this. I take the example of my website.

Friend, now, at the end of your website name is the default domain of blogger. If you want to keep the same domain, then there is no problem, you can work on it too. But this default domain of blogger does not rank well in Google. And most of the time there are errors in it. Because of this, he is not liked. Now it is not like you don't get AdSense approval on this default domain of blogger. Approval gets 100% but it does not rank. And when the domain does not rank, then what is the use?

Your Custom Domain:

Friends now talk about what is a custom domain?

Custom domain ranks quickly in Google and comes in search very quickly. Any custom domain looks very attractive. And click on custom domain also comes soon.

So, a custom domain is a domain that you use in its place after deleting the default domain. For example, if comes at the end of the default domain, then the domain that you have liked or purchased comes in place of For example, if you want to install (.com) or any other domain, then your custom domain can be something like this.

  • www.kroneblogtech.hd

Now, this is all a custom domain. So, friends, I hope you have understood the difference between a default domain and a custom domain. 

Now let's see how to buy a custom domain?

How to Buy Custom Domain

Step #1:

First of all, you have to open your chrome browser or whichever you use, chrome browser is preferred and professionals mostly use it. In the search bar, you have to type GoDaddy. (GoDaddy is a domain and hosting providing store).

Step #2:

As soon as you search by writing GoDaddy in Google, then the official website of GoDaddy will come front of you at the top. ( you have to open it by clicking on it.

Step #3:

As soon as you come to the home page of GoDaddy, you will find some of its interfaces. You can create your GoDaddy account from here which is very easy. GoDaddy account is created in the same way as you create a Facebook account. So there is no need to worry about it.

If you have any problem creating an account, you can contact me using my email address or you can also get solutions to your problem in the comment. After All, we are here to solve your tech problems.

Step #4:

After creating an account on the GoDaddy website, the dashboard of the website will be shown in front of you. You will see the search bar at the top, so you have to write your website name here and click on the search domain button. For example, my website name is kroneblogtech, so I will write kroneblogtech in the search box.

Remember you cannot use space here or anything that is not in your website name.

As soon as you fill in your website name and click on the search domain button, GoDaddy will show you all the domains that it has available. Then you have to select the domain of your choice from here. To buy, you will see the price of the domain just below.

Step #5:

A button (make it yours) will be visible below the price, you have to click on it. But here I will suggest you (.com) domain.  Because (.com) domain is the best and fastest ranking domain, it is always on top in search results. When you click on the (make it your) button, the (continue to cart) button will be shown in front of you. The interface will be visible. On the top of the page, the heading (start your website for free) will be visible.

Here GoDaddy provides domain as well as professional email. But we don't need any new emails. So you have to check the point of (no custom email).  Sometimes this (no custom email) point is checked by default, but you should check it once again to make sure there is no problem in buying the domain.

Step #6:

After that, you have to click on the (continue to cart) button on the right side, as soon as you click, a new page will be shown in front of you. You will be shown your domain in your cart. Then you have to select a period for which you want to buy the domain. For example, if you want to buy the domain for 1 year, then select 1 year. And if you want to buy for more than one year then select your years.

After that check your order summary which stays in front of your order, and shows all details of the order. Your product and subtotal would be shown here, and the site will give you a promo code or you can also check GoDaddy promo codes in google search if you want to use one.

What is a promo code?

Using a promo code provides you with a discount on your order if you use a valid one. Different stores provide different promo codes although promo code is only valid for stores that provide them. For example, GoDaddy is a domain store. Shopping on GoDaddy, you can use promo codes only provided by GoDaddy officials.

Step #7:

To confirm your order, you need to click the "I am ready to pay" button. You need to add a payment method by "clicking a new card". If you have already added one, simply put your VISA/Master card's security code.

Then click the "complete purchase" button under the order summary to complete the purchase, it may cost some time to load. After that, you would be redirected to a new page, and a massage the domain is yours would be shown. You'll also get a mail at the provided address with complete details of your purchase including the order number, product name, quantity, time, price, and total amount.

So, friends this is a simple way for buying online domain from GoDaddy. For more updates please follow us on Facebook. 

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