Today we will learn how to upload and download blogger website custom theme. Blogger also provide the defaults themes in theme sections but these themes are not attractive and not suitable for your website and viewers. You can also add you custom theme in blogger. your website look like professional. 

How to Download and Upload Blogger Website Custom Themes | Benefits of Custom Themes | Krone  Blog Tech
Blogger Theme Download and Upload

Today I will upload my custom theme in blogger and I tech you step by step. So, read this article carefully and add your custom theme in blogger. 

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Download and Upload Blogger Website Custom Themes

To change your website's theme, you must follow this step guide properly

  • Head on to blogger's dashboard and click "theme", a page would appear.
  • you would see a dropdown arrow⬇. Click on that.
  • Click "Edit HTML", your theme's coding would appear. Press "CNTRL+A" and remove this.
  • Head on to your browser, browse and search "sora templates".
  • Open first link. You would see a number of interesting themes. Click any one you like. Ads may appear, just close them. You can see live demos for how it looks like (home page, about section, dashboard, header, footer, et.c...).
  • To download a theme click download button. You would be given two options: a free version, and a paid one. Download whichever you want.
  • Extract it, and copy "HTML Coding" by simply pressing "CNTRL+A".
  • Head back to your blogger's theme menu and paste your new coding, then press save.

After some processing, your theme would be updated, enjoy your update in "view blog" mode.

Benefits of Custom Themes

Basically, the biggest benefit of Blogger is that its Google's property, which is - as we know - the safest and most famous organization on the internet right now. In same period, it keeps the Blogger connected to other Google products as well. So you can use services very easily. Also Blogger is totally free of cost, which means you don't have to pay a single penny to use Blogger. You can chose multiple different options for design, templates and theme of your blogger. Here on Gooyaabitemplates, we have a huge free collection of Blogger template. A basic post editor -which is a lot similar to WordPad - also exists on BlogSpot platform, which can start publishing any post in minutes. And because its a free platform, you don't have to worry about your hosting and security, everything is handled with the help of Google services. Your blog is posted on Google services, hence it is loaded very fast and you don't need to change it for fast loading. There is no limit for number of posts. It doesn't matter if your blogger have one post or one million, experience would be same for both; the owner and the client. Blogger also contains a support form and community, which helps costumers in any type of problem with the platform time by time.

Blogger is also beneficial in some other ways, such as many of famous and trusted bloggers are also working on Blogger, due to its trusted structure and fame. As we mentioned above, its easy maintain your blogs in order using Blogger, compared to other CMS platforms such as WordPress and Tumblr. No doubt that Blogger is very limited but at same time, it also provides more flexibility in everything. And did we said everything? we mean everything by that.

Blogger is an easy to use and according to needs platform. It allows you to do anything in your blog, with simple CSS and HTML according to your wish, and if you know Java script and jQuery, it would be a "piece of cake like situation". It allows you to do whatever you want, but in limited basic state/method. Such as you can not dive into "data management" cause everything is hosted using Google in Blogger, and due to Privacy and security threats, Google doesn't allow anyone to access its data. Though, Blogger's simplify doesn't lemmatize what more new coming costumers would receive using it. By the proper use of much needed options ( which you have been provided access to ), you can make a custom blog design, by the use of Blogger back-end ( the board where you design blog and create posts ), a service which have already been provided to you.